Carp Specimen Lake

****    Strictly catch and release (all lakes)    ****

The specimen lake is divided into 8 pegs. The general stock of Carp is from 6lbs to 18lbs with specimens over 20lbs. There are mirror, common and grass Carp in the lake.

The tackle shop has a good range of quality tackle and bait from CC Moore, Copdock, Crafty Catcher, Sonubaits, Fjuku, SBS, Fox, Avid, Korum, Preston and Matrix.

Specimen Lake Rules.
  • No overnight fishing for children under 12
  • Bite alarms, pod and butt rests, unhooking mat, freespool baitrunner reels, minimum 12lb mainline and 32” landing net.
  • Pre booking is essential. Overnight fishing is only available to club members.
  • All fish must be carefully released.
  • Nets must be dipped, no keepnets, barbless hooks only.
  • No fish kept in slings overnight.
  • 2 rod limit per peg.
  • Drunkenness, loud music, bright lights, and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Strictly no dogs.
  • Your rubbish must be separated into bins and bags provided or taken home.

Rules are in place for the best experience of all anglers. Agree to the rules or go elsewhere.

Fishing Times

Sessions are on fixed 11 hour periods from 9am to 8pm and from 9pm to 8am.

All fishing must stop, rods out of the water and the peg completely cleared by 8.45.

Pegs must be paid for as booked and confirmed, not on arrival time.


Pegs must be cancelled minimum 12 hours before the start of the session. Pegs not cancelled ie. “no shows” must be paid for in full.

Groups: The person booking a group must ensure that all members arrive or cancel in advance and will be responsible for “no show” payments.

The Cabin

The cabin situated on peg 1 is fully insulated, wired with 12 volts, led lights and phone charging points.

Rental fee per 24hr session.

One angler €50.

Each additional angler €15.