Club Membership

Lochmahon angling club

Experienced anglers with all the required equipment and who have fished at Lochmahon previously may apply for membership.

·       Annual membership from March 1st.

·       Membership fee: Specimen lake €20. Match lake €15.

·       Minimum equipment required to fish the specimen lake: Bite alarms, rod pod and butt rests, unhooking mat,       freespool baitrunner reels, minimum 12lbs mainline and 32” landing net.

·       Fish must not be kept in slings overnight. 2 rod limit per peg. All nets must be dipped on arrival and leaving.    Barbless hooks only.

·       All fish must be handled with care and carefully released. No fish may be taken home.

·       Children under 12 are only allowed on peg 1 on the specimen lake and must be in the cabin if staying overnight.

·       Strictly no dogs of any size. No exceptions.

·       Drunkenness, loud music, bright lights and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

·       Your rubbish must be divided and put into the bins and bags provided or taken home.

·       Benefits of membership:

·       Fishing fees 15 euro per 12 hour session. (regular fee 18 euro) Free use of fridge, microwave, and charging     points.Free use of shower. Standard fee 5 euro.

·       1.5 kilo bag of Coppens 6mm pellets with every 60 euro spent on bait or tackle in the tackle shop.

·       Members will be regularly notified on by txt of special offers on bait and tackle.

Rules are in place for the best experience of all anglers. By joining the club you agree to obey the rules.